phone massage

During the difficulties of receiving massage clients during the pandemic I developed phone massage, inspired by the body/fantasy stimulating practice of phone sex. phone massage is a 1-on-1 interactive performance where I give an individually designed body treatment over the phone. The receiver is asked in advance to be in a calm surrounding where they can lay down comfortably without being disturbed. For an optimal experience the receiver has a good phone/internet reception and wears a headset with a pleasant sound quality.

The session includes an interview during which I draw an image of the receiver’s body from their subjective description, encouraged to use a non-judgmental vocabulary. One is also encouraged to describe their body as something beyond the common notion of “human”. As as natural landscape, volumes, shapes, a mythical creature... The body-drawing acts as a template on which I note the current sensorial state and bodily needs and desires of the receiver.

The “treatment” is an instant composition based on the interview. I use verbal descriptions of the massage, and (with consent of the receiver) I apply analogue sound effects that might stimulate ASMR. The immaterial aspect of this massage opens for unlimited experiences and manipulations of the bodily perception via the imaginary.

Concept & performance: Tyra Wigg

Place: on the phone/ online

Time: appointment booking on personal request to:


YUP Young Urban Performances in Osnabrück March 19+20 2022.

BONE Performance Art festival in Bern November 26-28 2021.