Tyra Wigg (SE/CH) *1989
nonbinary pronouns like hen, they, iel, ” ty”

Tyra is an interdisciplinary artist with their base in contemporary dance techniques and somatic practices. They grew up in Stockholm and have been living in Basel since 2020. 

Further nurtured by holistic practices such as massage and guided meditation, Tyra makes choreographic performances for black boxes, white cubes and over the phone. All their works are based on their incessant curiosity in how the fusion of artistic and holistic therapeutic practices can reinforce and expand their audience’s subjective corporeal perceptions. Tyra is driven by the conviction that only by being in an intimate and curious relationship with one’s own physicality, concepts like ecology and queerfeminism can be fully embodied.

Alongside their artistic practice, Tyra works as a massage therapist, specialized in deep tissue massage. As a way of expanding the notion of massage and inter-personal touch during the pandemic, Tyra developed the 1-on-1 interactive performance phone massage, which was presented at BONE Performance Art Festival in Bern 2021 and Young Urban Performance festival in Osnabrück 2022. Tyra’s lived experiences from the capitalist conditions of care labor, together with their research in physical affect between performer and audience, lay ground for Physical Empathy (2021) in co-production with ROXY Birsfelden and Weld in Stockholm. At Weld, they also premiered NAPS(2019) which highlighted the body that is both exhausted by, and searching remedy through, capitalist production and pop culture.

Since their dance diploma in 2013, Tyra is working as a dancer, performer and co-creator for a wide range of authors and contexts. Since 2017 they are touring internationally with Crowd by Gisèle Vienne, and since 2018 in Everything That Happened and Would Happen by Heiner Goebbels. Since 2021 they are part of the interactive performance project Mise-en-Scène of care work by Inga Gerner Nielsen, and during 2022 they are starting multiple collaborations with the Bern-based performance artist and textile designer Ernestyna Orlowska. Previously, Tyra has worked with artists such as Shu Lea Cheang, Marina Abramovic, Alexandra Pirici, Olof Runsten, Éva Mag, Marie Fahlin, Dorte Olesen, Virpi Pahkinen and Stefan Metz.

Further facts...

2022 Tyra was part of the AUA LAB, a discursive reflection group of invited artists at Auawirleben, Bern.

2021 Tyra received the DanceWeb Scholarship at Impulstanz in Vienna and 2019-20 ty was selected Artist in residence at SITE in Stockholm.

Since 2021 they are part of the Motherboard of 
Blasphemic Reading Soirées- a nomadic platform for queer feminist reading and discussion culture. http://blasphemicreadings.com/

Since 2010 Tyra is receiving massage clients in Basel and on their travels. For more information and time booking:  www.btwbodywork.ch

IG: @midwifi_

                                     Photo: Sascha Rijkeboer