limb limb limb

In limb limb limb the solo performer is far from alone. From decisive gestures and a surround tactile soundscape which carries memories of manual therapy, unknown subjects and materialities approach our attention. Like the persisting sensation in a missing body part, limb limb limb affirms our uninterrupted entanglement with the invisible.

Premiere 28+29.1.2023 at KASKO Basel
Total length: 45 min

The piece constitutes Tyra’s master thesis at HKB Expanded Theatre

Choreography, performance: Tyra Wigg

Sound, live mix: Thy Truong

Costume: Ernestyna Orlowska

Mentorship/outside eye: Kathrin Veser, Lucie Tuma

Supported by HKB Expanded Theatre and KASKO Basel

Photo: Sascha Rijkeboer