limb limb limb

Photo: Sascha Rijkeboer

limb limb limb is a solo with many actors. A tactile soundscape which carries memories of touch is projected through four surrounding speakers. There is a shapeshifting performer, a grey figure. Are they a pile of rocks? A massage therapist? Cyborg? Dancer? There is the audience, spread out in the space, highly present in each other’s eyesight. Free to move and invited to rest. There is the architecture and materiality of the space itself, that just like the audience, is carefully investigated and treated by the performer. Between and through these elements, especially between the performer’s hands, something invisible yet highly tangible is approaching the senses. This fantasmical ever changing being is gossiping that a body, or the constructs around it, are only as solid as your fantasy allows it to be.

Premiere 28+29.1.2023 at KASKO Basel. 
Further presentations:
Traumburg festival, Germany, July 29.7.2023

Total length: ca 45 min

Choreography, performance: Tyra Wigg

Sound, live mix: Thy Truong 
IG @_thytruong
Costume: Ernestyna Orlowska

Mentorship/outside eye: Kathrin Veser, Lucie Tuma

Supported by HKB Expanded Theatre and KASKO Basel