middle time

photo: Madeleine Lindh 

"middle time" confronts the naive hope that a commercial commodity, or, in this case a performing arts production, can act as a cure for the restless mind. Dreamy dance, crisp sounds and an invisible object constructs an atmosphere that can be experienced as both caring and uncanny. With an almost inhuman neutrality and seductive dominance, the performer poses some of the most urgent questions for the notoriously self-optimizing modern human. The performer directs the questions both to the audience and to herself. But to find the answers one must pause to listen inwardly and give space for the dance that can only arise from the vacuum of the "in-between". No goals - only dreams.

Length: 25 min

Choreography/text/costume/scenography,on stage: Tyra Wigg
Music: Siri Jennefelt

Produced in residency at SITE, Weld, MDT and KLARA Basel.

“middle time” premiered at SITE/Specific festival September 4+5 2020.

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