Inspired by the humanity’s escalating tale of incessant productivity and maximized achievements, NAPS is weaving a soft carpet on which the hyper-stimulated body can rest. The overwhelming tiredness that can occur in the aftermath of a big achievement is seldom welcomed in the public sphere, but in NAPS it finds itself right in the spotlight. The stage, so many times center for the rise and fall of innumerable high-achieving stars, is now the place to celebrate the tiredness and its seductive ability to dissolve contracted muscles and minds. NAPS affirms and stimulates this dissolved state, which in turn carries potential for yet unwritten movements and narratives.

Concept, choreography and dance: Tyra Wigg
Music, composition and performance:  Siri Jennefelt
Musical research: Aram Abbas
Light design: Ronald Salas

Supported by  Weld, The City of Stockholm and The Swedish Arts Grants Committée, SITE,  and MDT.

Premiered at Weld, Stockholm  December 6-8 2019
Review by Thomas Olsson in Svenska Dagbladet
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Text written for NAPS by Britta Kiessling
English version

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Photos by Milja Rossi